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Dear friends, this page contains statements that we have released to the media and general public regarding Hospital issues and information. Please find our latest releases below and share with your friends and family.

Overdale Hospital - It all depends on the demolition appeal

Our Hospital Team has at last decided to follow the official appeal procedures against the Planning Committee's unanimous decision not to allow the demolition of all existing buildings on the Overdale site. >Read More

Demolition of buildings at Overdale

A Planning Committee hearing on application P/2021/1398 for the demolition of all the buildings now at the Overdale site is scheduled for Thursday 3rd February. However a surprise announcement from the Planning Department, published in Friday's Jersey Evening Post, says that Planning would now support a condition to that application not to pull down the modern buildings at Overdale until there is decision on the planning application for the new hospital P/2021/1670 . These buildings are along Westmount Road and include the Poplars, the William Knott building, which houses the Child Development Centre, and the Westmount Centre, where the Samares Ward is located. >Read More

Media Release 24 Sept 21 
Our Hospital Project – Last Chance 

Friends of Our New Hospital are urging the States Assembly to approve the Amendment to the Council of Ministers Proposition “Our Hospital – Budget, Financing and Land Assembly” (P.80 2021 Amendment 2) lodged by the Future Hospital Review Panel on Tuesday. If approved, the Panel’s Amendment will limit the Our Hospital project budget to £550 million and borrowing to £400 million. >Read More

Media Release: Hospital Project Delay Looks Inevitable

14th April 2021Anyone who thought that construction of the new hospital could begin at Overdale before the elections set for May or June next year should think again.

Overdale Hospital

Media Release: What Will & Will Not Be In Our New Hospital

28th February 2021 - The Friends of Our New Hospital have released a Bulletin today summarising what will and will not be in the new Hospital according to the Functional Brief Report released by the Our Hospital Project group on 8th February. The Friends have concluded that out of 53 functional departments currently operating in the Gloucester Street General Hospital, it appears that at least 18 functional departments will not be included in the new hospital planned for Overdale. >Read More

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Opinion: Bailiwick Express

Andy Howell had this to say... "Before construction of a new Hospital at Overdale, it has been suggested that all clinics and facilities currently situated there are to be moved to the old Les Quennevais School at an estimated cost of about £10million to convert. There has been a statement from the Government that ‘everything will be moved back to Overdale on completion of the build’.  >Read More

Westmount Road

Our Report on the Friends Westmount Walk to Overdale

19th - February 2021 - It was ARUP, the international engineering company based in London, that mapped out 71 routes to Overdale to help States Members decide how to access the New Hospital they voted to build at Overdale. 71 options? Really? Did we really need so many? It was this question that started the Friends of Our New Hospital out on a 30-day walk around the Westmount Road in January. We set out on foot to find out what was really going on, not from the 71 concept designs by Arup, but by walking the walk ourselves.We hoped that over a 30-day period others would join in. They did. The walk attracted over 200 participants, from every parish in the island. We had 12 Members of the States, only two of whom remained unmoved by what they saw. >Read More

Comment: Brigadier Bruce Willing, member of Friends of Our New Hospital

Comment: We Need a General Hospital, Not an Acute Hospital

And an acute hospital is what we are going to get, according to the Functional Brief published on the ROK/FCC website on Monday 8th February on and scroll down to News and Updates – “Functional Brief Published”. I have long said that the Jersey Care Model (JCM) is the biggest threat to the new hospital design and function and so it has turned out. Yet the JCM is going to take 4 years to develop at a cost of at least £17 million and will be ready just a year before the new hospital is due to open at the end of 2026. 
- Read More

Westmount Road Access Map

29th January 2021 - The Friends of Our Hospital have been conducting daily walks from Peoples’ Park to Overdale via Westmount Road for the past three weeks. Starting on Friday morning and continuing Saturday and Sunday, the Friends and others will begin a campaign marking the outline of the proposed route with red tape. With the help of local architects, the Friends have created a map showing the possible route of the proposed 12m road. 

Scrutiny to assess the impact on local residents
29th December 2020

Scrutiny has launched a review into plans to use Westmount Road as the main access to the new hospital site at Overdale and whether the necessary works on the road will fit in within the proposed budget. Read more..

Campaigners walk proposed hospital access route
13th January 2021

A CAMPAIGN group is conducting daily walks up Westmount Road to gather information before the States debate whether it should be made the primary access route for the planned new hospital. Read more..


  1. 29th January 2021 - On the 14th December 2020, the Council of Ministers lodged P.167/2020 – ‘Our Hospital, Preferred Access Route’, which asks Members to approve a final option regarding access to the Overdale site. This was in response to an amendment to P.123/2020 asking for approval a report on alternative access strategies designed to maximise sustainable modes of travel to and from the new hospital, and to minimise the impact on homes. >Read More
  2. 28th January 2021 - Media Release - The Friends of Our Hospital have been conducting daily walks from Peoples’ Park to Overdale via Westmount Road for the past three weeks. The Friends and others will begin a campaign marking the outline of the proposed route with red tape. >Read More
  3. 13th January - 2021 For the next four weeks a group of Friends of Our New Hospital will be walking up Westmount Road every day to collect information and facts about the area. The States are due to consider Westmount Road as the access road to the proposed site of the new Hospital at Overdale when it debates “Our Hospital: Preferred Access Route P.167/2020 at its meeting on 9th February. The Friends are gathering information regarding the Proposition. - Read More
  4. 13th November - 2020 Friends of Our New Hospital are calling on the States to refer back the “Our Hospital Site Selection – Overdale” P.123/2020 which has been lodged by the Council of Ministers. The Proposition is due for debate by the Assembly next Tuesday. The Friends are urging the States to call for a desktop review of the relative costs of building Our New Hospital at Overdale, St Saviour’s and Warwick Farm. - Read More
  5. 12th November - 2020 Listen to Bruce Willing's interview with Ashley Tracey on the Breakfast Show this morning. Bruce made some excellent points regarding the site selection, the lack of choice and the undemocratic nature of the process. - Listen Here
  6. 29th October 2020 - New Hospital Project-Government Failure. After nine years and some £75 million in expenditure on consultants, experts and contract civil servants our Government has introduced two major propositions that will affect the Island’s health care for decades to come. - Read More
  7. 28th July 2020 - Friends of Our New Hospital Call for a Public Review of Health Plans. In the wake of the £50.3 million already spent on not developing the Future Hospital, our Government continues to waste our (the Jersey people’s) time and money, whilst insulting our intelligence. - Read More
  8. 2nd July 2020 - The Friends of our New Hospital have expressed surprise at the reaction on the part of Health & Community Services and the Primary Care Body representing the Island’s GPs to their announcement on Monday regarding developments with the new hospital project. - Read More
  9. 17th March 2020 - Friends of Our New Hospital have written to the Members of the States Assembly objecting strongly to plans by the Health & Community Services Ministry to raid the Health Insurance Fund to pay for the development of the Ministry’s plans for the Jersey Care Model. - Read More
  10. 20th February 2020 - A group of Islanders has announced the formation of Friends of Our New Hospital, a non-profit organisation based in Jersey. Friends of Our Hospital will act as an independent and objective source of information, commentary and advice on Island Health Care in general and in particular on the Government’s “Our Hospital Project." - Read More

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