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Welcome to our video media page. This is where you will find important information about the ongoing hospital project in Jersey. Included on this page are comments and interviews with key contributors to Jersey's hospital project and ongoing development. 


Deputy Tom Binet Explains...

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Deputy Tom Binet explains the reasoning behind the decision to change direction of the new hospital and its plans. The £804.5m hospital at Overdale is now officially off the table because the island can no longer afford it, the Infrastructure Minister has said. The Government has said that the project as previously envisaged, and given planning permission for, is no longer viable and will not be built.

Hospital Plans Approved

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The controversial planning application for a new hospital at Overdale is approved

17th May 2022 - Deputy John Young approved the scheme on Tuesday, interim chair Peter Funk gave his views on the decision with this interview on ITV explaining the reasons why the new hospital project is in the wrong place and at the wrong price.

Senator Steve Pallet - 15th January 2022


In May 2020 the Samarès Ward rehabilitation centre was closed to offer a rehabilitation centre for recovering Covid patients coming off ventilators in the Nightingale Ward of the General Hospital. Later,
the reason given was that there is no piped oxygen available in the Samarès Ward. However, in the government’s financial report for FY
2020 Samarès Ward’s closure was shown as a £1.8 million HCS cost saving. Read More on Proposition p.115-2021 - 10 Dec 21

St John Constable Any Jehan - 15th January 2022


Views and comments from St John Constable Andy Jehan.


You will find archived interviews and comments from the 2021 hospital debate below.

Copyright ITV - 8th October 21

ITV Closing Interview with Senator Kristina Moore from scrutiny

Senator Moore comments after the final vote on scrutiny's P.80/2021 SECOND AMENDMENT to the new hospital’s finances.

Click Here to see the complete list of States Member's who voted for the proposition, and those who voted against it.

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Rally - Tuesday 5th October 21

A big thank you to everyone that attended the rally today. Please add your support to scrutiny's amendment by emailing your local states member asking them to vote for Senator Kristina Moore's amendment to reduce the cost to a manageable level of £550 million. The Friends have always supported the Island’s need for a new hospital.

A new hospital with the right facilities, built in the right location and at the right cost. The Assembly’s vote on P.80 is perhaps the last chance to achieve these objectives. If you are like minded, you too can engage in the debate. Please write to our Connetables, Deputies and Senators and ask them to support P.80 Amendment.

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Jersey's New Hospital - Cost of Development 

26th Sept 21 - If you missed the excellent interview with Senator Kristina Moore from Jersey's scrutiny panel and interim chair of Friends of Our New Hospital group, Peter Funk, you can watch it again with on ITV's catch up channel, alternatively you can just watch the highlights here.

Radio Jersey Interview 24 Sept 21

Radio Jersey Interview with Senator Farnham and Peter Funk

For those of you that missed it, listen to Radio Jersey's interview with Senator Farnham and Peter Funk (interim chair) from Friends of Our New Hospital Group discuss the new design and finances involved in building the new hospital and why it should be built on a much lower budget.

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Friends of Our New Hospital, CTV interview with Stephen Regal

The hospital scrutiny panel said, "at the outset of the Our Hospital Outline Business Case and Funding Review this Panel asked the public a very simple question: whether a budget of £804 million is appropriate for a new hospital for Jersey. The overwhelming majority of the over 130 public submissions to our call for evidence are clear that they do not believe that £804 million is an appropriate sum." (P.80/2021): SECOND AMENDMENT


Sir Philip Balihache speaking at the meeting

Full Video of our recent meeting

Listen to the full meeting with accounts from guest speakers and personal accounts from our members.

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