The Proposed New Access Road

The Friends of Our Hospital have been conducting daily walks from Peoples’ Park to Overdale via Westmount Road for the past three weeks. Starting on Friday morning and continuing Saturday and Sunday, the Friends and others will begin a campaign marking the outline of the proposed route with red tape. With the help of local architects, the Friends have created a map showing the possible
route of the proposed 12m road. Our map is enclosed.

The Friends have been gathering information on the impact of the Council of Ministers Proposition P.167 “Our Hospital: Preferred Access Route. The Proposition outlines plans for the Government to spend £38.7 million to acquire land and property, widen Westmount Road and remove the Jersey Bowls Club and various historical sites in the process. The Council of Ministers has consistently declined to provide details of the proposed access plan and how the £38.7 million will be spent. Mary Venturini, a Member of the Friends Steering Group, said:

“Our campaign will mark the outline of our interpretation of the proposed access route so we can all see its path and the hugely adverse effect it will have on the existing road, housing, trees, wildlife, recreational facilities and historic landmarks.”

Peter Funk, Interim Chair of the Friends Steering Group said:

“The Friends are not opposed to Overdale as the site for the new Hospital. We are strongly opposed to the Council of Ministers ill-defined access plans. Our campaign will help the public and States members to better understand just how damaging those plans will be. The Council of Ministers has called a special sitting of the States on Monday, 1st February to consider Proposition P.167. The Future Hospital Review Panel has lodged a 2nd Amendment calling for the debate to be delayed pending disclosure of how the £38.7 million will be spent. We urge members to support the amendment.”

Over 135 people, including 12 members of the States, have joined the daily walks of the Friends. The Friends are inviting more walkers to join them for the campaign on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and to enjoy the fresh air. Covid 19 regulations will be followed closely. 

States of Jersey – Proposed Overdale Access – Media Presentation – 29 Jan 21

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