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You will find submissions to The Future Hospital Review Scrutiny Panel on this page with regards to the Terms of Reference for the new Hospital development.

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The following documents refer to our submissions to the Government of Jersey Scrutiny Review panel with regards to the Terms of Reference for our new hospital.

  1. Submission 1 - TOR 1 - Review the decision-making process that was undertaken in determining the final site recommendation.
  2. Submission 2 - TOR 2 - To assess the methodology and the set criteria used throughout the site selection process and its suitability.
  3. Submission 3 - TOR 3 - Determine the lines of Ministerial accountability in the decision-making process and its effectiveness.
  4. Submission 4 - TOR 4 - Examine the time frame in which the decision-making process took place.
  5. Submission 5 - TOR 5 - Determine the extent to which previous work, which was produced under the Future Hospital Project, was considered.
  6. Submission 6 - TOR 6 - Assess the level of engagement that was undertaken with States Members, key stakeholders and members of the public.
  7. Submission 7 - TOR 7 - Assess how the development of the Jersey Care Model and its proposals impacted on the decision-making process.

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