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Welcome, as a group, our purpose is to stay in as close contact as possible with the development of the Our Hospital (OH) project, to ensure that it delivers the new hospital to the right requirement, at the right price and to the right timescale. Our aim is to create and sustain a public campaign to assist our Government in completing the construction and commissioning of a new hospital within four years.

We are a non profit entity run by volunteers:
A. Friends of Our New Hospital.
B. We are a public service non-profit entity.
C. We are overseen by a steering group of volunteers.
D. Membership is open to all residents of Jersey.
E. It is financially supported by the membership.

Our Mission Statement

Welcome. Friends of Our New Hospital was started by the late Sir Nigel Broomfield in 2017. We are a group of passionate and dedicated people who have been researching and studying all the different aspects of the new hospital that the island desperately needs, as well as the Island's healthcare services.

Our objective is to exchange information and to advance suggestions regarding the development of the Island’s health facilities. We continue to advance the view that Jersey needs a new hospital with all the existing facilities and specialists, including its mental health care, together with an urgent improvement in the island's declining healthcare services.

We act as an independent source of information, commentary and advice on Island health care and the new hospital project, acting as a public scrutiny group. We seek to mobilise public opinion in order to encourage change, if and when necessary, on behalf of the people and taxpayers of Jersey.  

Friends of Our New Hospital aims to lobby the government of Jersey while also acting as an "independent and objective source of information" on the project.

Our Members

We are a non-profit public service organisation overseen by a Steering Group of volunteers. Our Steering Group includes:
Mary Venturini Chair, John Baker, Graham Bisson, Ann Esterson, Peter Funk, David Pirouet,

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