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Welcome to 2023 - News about the Health Department and Hospital

We thought we would bring the followers of the Friends Information Bulletins additional information in a shorter form in 2023. Please let us know, through our Face Book page, if you like this new approach. >Read More

Petition for an independent inspection of all health care services

Please sign the petition for a truly independent review of all healthcare facilities in the island. The petition asks that the independent UK-based Care Quality Commission should report on the following: >Sign Petition

Our money in the Health Insurance Fund is now safe

Thanks to a well-managed and well-articulated campaign in the States Assembly this week the money that we put into the Health Insurance Fund has now been ring fenced so that it can no longer be used at the whim of the Health Department. >Read More

Bid to save plans for single-site hospital at Overdale defeated in the States

A BID to get the States Assembly to commit to the single-site Overdale scheme has been defeated. States Members voted this down by 32 to 15. >Read More

Monday, 12th December 2022 at 1:30pm

States Assembly - 12th December 2022 

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Healthcare under the Assembly stethoscope

After the tragic events of the last few days our first thoughts this week go first to all those who have lost family and friends, to all those who are still waiting news of loved ones, and to those who have suddenly found themselves without a home. Our thoughts also go to all those who are still working tirelessly to discover what happened in those two tragedies at sea and on Pier Road. >Read More

Bulletin 24 - sets out the many defects and flaws in the design of the Our Hospital Project at Overdale

The Friends of Our New Hospital fully support the Council of Ministers Review of the Our Hospital Project at Overdale published on 1st November 2022. The Review concludes that the site and the financing approved by the Assembly in 2020 and 2021 are no longer valid. The risks to the Island are too great and a re-evaluation of the entire Our New Hospital Project is required. The Council of Ministers intend to lodge a Report setting out a revised plan for the project early in 2023. >Read More

Minister of Infrastructure Housing and Environment
Government of Jersey - November 2022

As the saying goes, a week is a long time in politics. And over the past nine
months every week seems to have produced another layer of instability. War in
Eastern Europe, a fuel and energy crisis, the potential for recession and higher
inflation now set the scene.

In terms of infrastructure, this means that large-scale capital projects across the
globe face greater uncertainty. The cost of materials has risen sharply as
markets compete for the same supplies, with long lead times as a result of
severely disrupted supply chains. >Read More

Bulletin 23 - The Pending Review

One of the first acts of our new Chief Minister and Council of Ministers (“CoM”) following the elections in June was to announce plans for the Review of the Our New Hospital Project. We welcomed our new Government’s decision considering the Island’s vastly changed economic circumstances in the course of 2022. >Read More

Deputy Tom Binet Explains...

Copyright ITV 3rd September 2022

Deputy Tom Binet explains the reasoning behind the decision to change direction of the new hospital and its plans. The £804.5m hospital at Overdale is now officially off the table because the island can no longer afford it, the Infrastructure Minister has said. The Government has said that the project as previously envisaged, and given planning permission for, is no longer viable and will not be built.

It's official... Our £805m hospital is officially off the table

1st Sept 2022 - The £804.5m hospital at Overdale is officially off the table because the island can no longer afford it, the Infrastructure Minister has said. The Government has said that the project as previously envisaged, and given planning permission for, is no longer viable and will not be built. >Read More

The problems with the Jersey Care Model

This week is an important week for the Jersey Care Model (JCM). We shall be told more about it in a series of public meetings. In St Helier Town Hall on Tuesday 26th April at 12.00 pm, at St Martin's Public Hall on Saturday 30th April at 10.00 am and at St Brelade's Parish Hall on Tuesday 3 May at 6.30 pm. There will also be a virtual meeting on 5 May at 7 pm. It is important that we should attend to find out what is planned for our health care services in the future and to ask questions. >Read More

Overdale Hospital - It all depends on the demolition appeal

Our Hospital Team has at last decided to follow the official appeal procedures against the Planning Committee's unanimous decision not to allow the demolition of all existing buildings on the Overdale site. >Read More

Demolition of buildings at Overdale

A Planning Committee hearing on application P/2021/1398 for the demolition of all the buildings now at the Overdale site is scheduled for Thursday 3rd February. However a surprise announcement from the Planning Department, published in Friday's Jersey Evening Post, says that Planning would now support a condition to that application not to pull down the modern buildings at Overdale until there is decision on the planning application for the new hospital P/2021/1670 . These buildings are along Westmount Road and include the Poplars, the William Knott building, which houses the Child Development Centre, and the Westmount Centre, where the Samares Ward is located. >Read More

The Public Inquiry into the New Hospital opens

A few days ago Our Hospital Project Team sent around an email to various organisations saying that it wanted to share some information about its new hospital project with the recipients.

We would like to share our point of view too.

The Friends of the New Hospital team would like to share the following information with you as the Overdale Hospital Project Public Inquiry opens on Monday 4 – Friday 8 April 2022. For those of you interested in hearing the Public Inquiry (PI), sharing your feedback and/or asking questions on the project, you may participate by: >Read More

Visit our Facebook page

“Visit our Facebook page for our latest updates"

If you wish to join in the conversation, or simply see what other people have to say about the new hospital project, you can visit us on our Facebook page. Click Here

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15 March 2022

Bulletin 20 - What's Happening With Our New Hospital

Since 2012, following developments with the Our Hospital (“OH”) Project has been like watching fish swimming in the sea. We have never quite known where the project was headed next. We will do our best to set out some basics on the current direction of the OH Project for you here in our Bulletin 20.

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BREAKING! Ministers U-turn over Samarès Ward

The Government will no longer be opposing a bid to reinstate the full suite of rehabilitation and stroke services that were previously available at Samarès Ward after a crunch Ministerial meeting resulted in a U-turn late last night. >Read More

Hospital Update Tuesday 7th December

Dear Friends, Planning Applications are now a major focus for the Friends of Our New hospital team. In order to keep you up to date we shall be sending you short emails each week with news of the most important developments and any other events. 

The government has now submitted three important Applications to the Planning Department.

1. The rezoning of Les Quennevais Old School into a Class K medical facility. Planning Application reference P/2021/1139.

2. The demolition of all buildings now at Overdale, including the Westmount Centre with the Samares Ward and the prize winning William Knott Building. Planning Application reference P/2021/1398.

3. The New Hospital at Overdale and the new access road at Westmount P/2021/1670.

Thursday 9th December

All eyes are on the Planning Application Meeting to rezone Les Quennevais Old School into a Class K medical facility.

The open meeting is at St Paul's Centre after the coffee break at 11.00-11.30.

The main objections are:

1. Suitability of a 1960s school building for a modern medical facility.

2. Cost for the conversion of a building for only temporary use. The Housing Minister had already said that the new medical centre will be demolished to make way for housing when the medical facilities are no longer in use (approximately 5 years time).

3. Vehicle access through Les Sable Residential Estate.

4. Parking for residents, staff and patients.

5. Distance and difficulties for those using public transport.

6. An ad-hoc decision that was not foreseen within the Island Plan or even the Draft Island Bridging Plan and which was never debated in the States Assembly.

ALSO - on Wednesday 8th December

The meeting of St Helier Roads Committee meeting is also important. There will be a presentation by Our Hospital Team regarding the transport issues pertaining to the New Hospital at Overdale, including the purchase of Parish property to construct the new road at Westmount.


9th October 2021

Dear Chief minister, you and the 26 members of the states who voted against the future hospital review panel’s amendment have now written your re-election manifestos. It is also appropriate at this time to thank Senator Kristina Moore and the scrutiny panel for their time and effort in putting forward a cohesive well-researched amendment. Although it did not gain the full support of all states members, we would like to thank the 22 members that did support it.  

Remember, the 26 members that voted against the amendment have promised the people of Jersey the following:


This is your manifesto and the public will now hold you to it. 

You can still email your comments to all States Member's at the following Link

Friends of Our New Hospital Supporters in the Royal Square 5th October 2021

Supporters at the People's Park

Rally - Saturday 2nd October 21

A big thank you to everyone that attended our rally on Saturday, even though the weather was raining heavily many people turned out and supported the event, including the support of local politicians Deputy Inna Gardiner and Senator Kristina Moore.

Don’t forget the next rally is on Tuesday 5, October at 12.30 in the Royal Square. Make your voice heard and support the event.

See you there!


What is the review about? P.80/2021

Scrutiny - Our Hospital Project Outline Business Case and Funding Review

The Future Hospital Review Panel has committed to undertake a review of the Our Hospital Outline Business Case (OBC) and the accompanying proposition to fund the £804 million project. The review is part of the Panel’s ongoing scrutiny of the Our Hospital Project which, later in 2021, may include a review of the planning application associated with the site.

In November 2020, Overdale was approved by the States Assembly as the preferred site for the new hospital (P.123/2020). Since that date the Council of Ministers brought forward P.167/2020 Our Hospital, Preferred Access Route, which was approved by the States Assembly in early February 2021. The site was approved with a budget envelope of £804 million. It is anticipated planning for the site and the access route will be submitted in November 2021 with approval expected within six months from submission. >Make a Submission

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